Robyn Arouty is an award winning portrait photographer and internationally known photojournalist.

Formerly a psychotherapist, Robyn took a sabbatical from her private practice in 2006 when, inspired largely by her adopted dog Maya, a Chinese Crested/Jack Russell terrier mix, she taught herself photography and set up a studio in her home.

In 2009 Robyn’s passion for animals led her to volunteer for BARC, Houston’s animal control shelter. Here, she teamed up with The Houston Press to photograph and feature adoptable pets. She has been advocating for, volunteering, fundraising, fostering, and rescuing dogs ever since.

Robyn’s photography business truly has evolved as a platform to support these causes. To-date, she has donated over $75,000 to local animal rescue organizations through her Pocketshots mini session program and writes a blog for The Huffington Post to continue raising awareness.

Elsewhere, her colorful, contemporary pet photography has been featured on magazine covers, in art galleries, advertisements, and a host of articles. Famously, Robyn’s blog post “I Died Today” about a black lab named Duke, went viral in 2014 and continues to touch and inspire people around the world.

Robyn was born and raised on Long Island and now lives in Houston, TX with her 4 dogs. She enjoys capturing the raw and the real with her words and camera, every chance she gets. She is a deep thinker, as well as a person responding with her feelings. Quite a unique package.