“So, in my former life I was a psychotherapist.

                                             This means I’m probably nuttier than most of you…”

It also means I know how to protect your vulnerability and all the parts of you I meet. I have been photographing people- with and without their pets- for over five years now. I’m not afraid to be the weirdest individual in the studio at any given time, and I do whatever is embarrassingly necessary to get the perfect shot- with slobbery Labradors, suited-up corporate execs, anxious seniors and even those commercial-types. 

I take this shizzle very seriously, if you haven’t noticed.

I never feel like I am “working” since I am fortunate to do what I love and spend time hanging out with some of the coolest people in town, and of course, their beloved families, friends and pets.



Rescue dogI’m also an avid proponent in Houston’s- and the world’s for that matter- pet rescue community. My Pocketshots program has raised more than $50,000 for local rescue groups and there isn’t a day that goes by where I am not on the phone coordinating some plan to aid a homeless pet.

Needless to say, Duke’s story has forever changed my life. Simply put, I wasn’t afraid to photograph between the lines of life and his bittersweet goodbye. The last day of his adventure here forced us into areas that aren’t comfortable, but they’re necessary. Life is a lot like that, until something comes along and rescues you. 

Relationships between people and their pets are one of the most powerful connections I have witnessed – I am fortunate to be able to capture these moments for my clients and friends so that they may hold on to their memories and love forever.


 “My gratitude can not be expressed enough…”