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These rescue dogs are special. And they come with professional headshots. 

That’s because they’re all Houston-area dogs I’ve photographed in hopes of helping them find a loving home. If you aren’t local to Houston, don’t worry — many have transportation available for out-of-town adopters. Contact information is included for each dog. Tell them I sent you!




Dogs in Hammocks...

You want a chill dog?? Winston’s your guy! Long story, but he was seen living in a park for over a year and was picked up by animal control last week. Liz and Houston K-911 Rescue pulled him just hours before euthanasia. Great with other dogs and cats. Approximately 5 years old. Second chance time!

Big thanks to Bette for sponsoring Winston’s photoshoot!


Molly Moo Moo


Dogs in Hammocks...

“Bitch, I ain’t gettin’ in no hammock!”

Another Divalicious girl who was pulled from a shelter several months ago by Christine, an independent rescuer after her owner was arrested & Molly Moo Moo was left tied to a tree. She’s a babe & ready for her new fabulous home! Direct all inquiries to

Big Thanks to one of my favorite dogs — Lamont Jacks — for sponsoring her photoshoot!




How It Works..
1. Dog comes into BARC Houston’s city animal shelter with some sort of trauma to her eyes. She cannot see at all.
2. An animal welfare organization called Friends of BARC and Paws Pet Resort raise money for her surgery. They name her Tessa.
3. She has eye surgery and is fostered by doggie daycare employee from Paws, then returns to Paws where she has been living for a couple of months.
4. EVERYONE who meets her falls in love. But they all have too many dogs at home already. Including me.
5. A client of PAWS sponsors a photoshoot today for Tessa today and transports her to the studio.
6. She is about 4 years old, blind, sweet as sweet gets, loves to cuddle, & is great with other dogs.
7. If you think your home may be perfect for her, please contact Jamie Cupps at 713.636.9715.




“I’m calm, cool, and collected — the perfect Italian Greyhound Princess, if you will. I’m pretty easy going, but please never call me a pushover. I LOVE food! My house manners are terrific! Even though I’m mature at about age 8, I can still be playful. I sleep through the night in my crate. I LOVE suntanning and stealing chairs! I’m ready to be in a permanent home.
I wound up with IGCA Rescue of Texas after my owners couldn’t care for my health issues. The group spent over $2000 to fix me but then a worse problem popped up — a mass on my lungs.
They decided I was totally worth it and I just completed successful lobectomy surgery where the mass was removed. But my vet bills are in excess of $5000 and my rescue group needs help to pay it. Here is the link to donate to my care:
All adoption inquiries please email:”

Big Thanks to Gaye Campbell-Suhling for sponsoring my Pocketshots photo session!!




From Rachel Good:

"This is Zoey, my foster pup and she's actually pretty amazing! She was pulled off of death row at a shelter and it became apparent that she is hearing impaired. Even after all that she is very well behaved and what she doesn't know, she learns quickly. She wants so badly to be the best girl she can be. Upon first meeting she is a little socially awkward but she does get a long with other dogs. She loves her foster brother Jonah (although he is not to keen on all this "sharing"). She is GREAT around kids. They love her. And she is a 40lb FULL TIME SNUGGLE BUNNY.

Please SHARE SHARE SHARE and let's get this gal to start the rest of her amazing life.

Please contact Love And Rescue if you are interested in adopting. You won't be sorry you did!"




“My story is very unique. I’ve blocked out a lot of my early memories, but they say I was left to die in an area in Crosby, TX known for dumping dogs that were used as bait for fighting rings. I was very skinny with wounds and scars when they found me. That was 7 years ago.

A nice lady paid for me to stay at Paws Pet Resort in boarding while they nursed me back to health. I used to have heartworms, but I don’t anymore. I’m really healthy now. I am loved and have become the mascot here. People come to visit me all the time and bring my favorite thing — fluffy squeaky toys!

I love it here, but it’s time to go. I would like to live out the rest of my years in a real home. I don’t like cats, which is why Jamie, Paws’ owner hasn’t taken me home all this time. I’m picky about other dogs, so it’s probably best if you are dogless.

I’m a super happy guy. I know all my basic commands. I love all people and kids. I could really bring a lot of joy to your life if you give me a chance. Please direct all inquiries for adoption to Jamie Cupps: Thank you for your consideration & please share my story.” —RHETT


Big Thanks to Jamie C. for sponsoring his photoshoot!


Your sponsorship of $150 will pay for a shelter or foster dog’s mini-Pocketshots portrait session in my studio. These animals deserve to be seen and celebrated, and photography helps to showcase them in a way that nothing else can.

As you can see from the success stories below, it works.