Chapter Five: Diego’s Second Chapter

Dearest Dennis,

You called me Mama for a moment. Then they took you away.

Your brother stood in for you. We called him Diego.

Then you left the earth. Along with the rest of Diego’s 8 brothers and sisters. It was so sad.

We did our best to cheer Diego up. Even entered him in a contest and he won!

Diego grew up to be big and strong.

He had a lot of fun too. Sometimes too much.

He loved to model for me.

He got new brothers and sisters.

One day I met these really nice people and their family.

Then I saw them again when they fostered puppies going to Colorado a few months ago with Rescued Pets Movement. They are very special people. Beyond my words.

In the meantime, I started not feeling very well. And I asked God for some guidance and help. So, he sent them back in my life again. They saw Diego on the computer. And had no idea Diego belonged to me. And it was love at their first visit.

It was how love was meant to be. Like how you & I were Dennis. For a moment in time.

Diego and I sat down for a serious talk. I made sure he knew how much I love him. How proud I am of him. How hard this was, but I was letting him go because it was the ultimate life for him. He was really worried about Mama. I told him I’d hold down the fort here and we gave each other permission to be happy. There’s an open invitation to visit in his new big house just a few miles away. And I will.

They are soulmates. I know this. And it’s ok and wonderful.

Oh my, isn’t he handsome? He’s free to be even more of himself now. I’ve never seen him this happy before. And just like Charlie, Ozzy, and Harriet (Chapters 1-4), he’s moving on to spread our love to a new family. Please watch over your brother Dennis. I love you both.



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