Chapter Three: Love Smart

“My 6 year old daughter is obsessed with dogs. She wanted to work at a shelter or rescue but they all said she was too young. I fear one day she’ll wind up like you. Saving dogs & neglecting her own health.”
—An Internist in The Medical Center to me today

Another week. With it’s own set of ups & downs. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been mostly downs. But I’ll start with some good news. Chelsea, one of my closest friends, took a strong liking to Charlie soon after he came to live with me. She & her pomeranian The Woz would visit often and the two dogs totally enjoyed each other too. When I made the decision to rehome some of my dogs, I texted her, “Do you love Charlie?” There were a lot of colorful iPhone stickers involved & the answer was Yes!

So, from being abandoned on the mean streets of Houston’s Fifth Ward, to living the life in River Oaks, one of the country’s most prestigious neighborhoods, Charlie has become quite the little ambassador! He’s a big hit on their daily walks & travels. Chelsea tells his story & preaches the adoption gospel every chance she gets. Here they are together in my studio a few months ago. It was meant to be.. And I can visit whenever I want.

This week has really been about having more questions than I do answers. Aside from the health concerns, here are some other things I’ve been pondering..

If we’re supposed to work smart versus working hard, then should we also try to love smart instead of loving hard? If so, what does that look like? Can you love too much & spread it too far then there’s none left? Can love be exhausting? Should it ever be? Why would I love the cause so much but not love myself enough & neglect my own needs?

Two of my awesome dogs need more appropriate homes. Ozzy & Eldi. Please see their adoption listings below..



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