From The Demon Who Had To Re-Home Her Furbaby.

May you never have to:

Choose between a vet bill and your rent.

Medicate your infant’s wheezing because of your fur baby.

Go into a nursing home or rehab and leave behind a pet when your family lives out of state.

Be declined for a pet friendly apartment because you can't afford the extra security deposit.

Choose between feeding your kids or your dog.

Re-home your pet because of domestic violence to both of you.

Live in a community without low cost emergency vet clinics.

Be so sick that you cannot walk your pets.

Need to find a food pantry that has dog food too.

Move into a homeless shelter that doesn't allow pets.

Have to answer the question “Why didn't the doggy love me?”

Lose a job or a spouse and be worried about paying for utilities when your pet is struck with illness.

Be told that your dog is not safe around your kid, despite professional training.

Have to move in with a family member whose pet is trying to eat yours or vice versa.

Set a dollar amount for your pet’s life more than which he will need to be put down.

Be shamed and humiliated for trying to do the right thing for your pet and family.

Be criticized at your most heartbreaking moment.

Be called names and harassed because you are trying to survive a bad time.

Be judged by people who claim compassion, but wrap it in ego, anger and bitterness.

Be haunted by your beloved animal crying as you leave him.

Be denied the second chance to adopt a dog that needs a second chance as badly as you.


The dog featured above is Samson and he is available for adoption. Please visit his adoption page here for more information or to fill out an application. Thank you.

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robyn arouty