Hank’s Heart.

Another blog post with none of my photos. And no photography tips. Sorry. Another story needs telling.

On August 14th 2013 I received a call from Anju, a former client, telling me about a dog in distress that her husband Cory had just crossed paths with. He went to see a client in their home & saw a dog in a neighbor’s yard chained to a crate with no food or water. A rottweiler. Missing hair, skin & bones. She sent me this pic.

We first discussed reporting the neglect, but the county that would be assigned to the case does not adopt out rotties, so he would have more than likely been put to sleep if they were actively involved. Cory & Anju wanted to take matters into their own hands & asked for my help. I reached out to my good friend Mona who is a huge rottie lover & has lots of experience working with them in rescue. Anne with St. Francis Angels agreed to take on this medical case for 8 weeks. We raised the funds for his care.

Cory received permission to rehome the dog the next morning, rushed him to the vet, & then named him Hank.

I posted this that afternoon:

“He was breathing, but unresponsive when Cody arrived. He is in an advanced starvation phase where his body is feeding off his muscle. Miraculously, his blood profile was basically normal and he is heartworm negative, so his primary issue is hookworm anemia, starvation, and sarcoptic mange. I will pray for Hank & for the people who loathe themselves enough to allow this to happen. It’s very sad…but that does not change our job (as rescuers).”

“His treatment plan will be obviously be one of feeding a highly nutritional calorie dense food, dewormings, and injections for his sarcoptic mange. In spite of his past he wags his cut little bald rottie nubbie and bears no grudges. He should weigh at least 85-100 pounds, but currently weighs only 59 pounds.” –Anne

An update from Anne a few days later:

“Hank has gained six pounds in less than a week! He is now eating eight cups of food a day reduced for the original ten. Rapid weight gain is not ideal in a starving dog. He has figured out the doggie door and splits his between his room and his patio. He loves his one on one time and when it is time to come in from playtime he beats us to the gate. He does not want to be forgotten outside.”

Then another:

“Hank, now referred to as HANK THE TANK continues to make wonderful progress!!! After 4 weeks of medical care & TLC he has gained 26lbs and is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for helping me help Hank!”

8 weeks later. Posing with his rescuers Cory & Anju.

I was working on several cases at the time & didn’t get a chance to meet Hank in person. But one person was there the whole way. She was his biggest cheerleader & couldn’t wait to bring him into her home to foster until we found him a forever place to be. It was Mona.

Hank never left Mona’s home. He fit like a glove & they were all smitten with each other. He soon became an ambassador for Mona’s new project: Pulling puppies from shelters (namely BARC) to transport to places like Colorado where there is more demand than supply for adoptable pets.

Hank LOVED the puppies up & entertained them while staying in Mona’s home for a week or two waiting for travel.

And Hank loved Mona’s prides & joy…her grandkids!

Hank played with literally 100’s of puppies in the past year. Mona is one of RPM’s (Rescued Pet Movement) most active & respected fosters/volunteers.

Hank wasn’t feeling well last night & Mona brought him to the ER. Tests revealed he had stones in his bladder & urethra & they recommended surgery immediately with a specialist. As Mona was about to transport him to Gulf Coast this afternoon, she received word from the vet that Hank had stopped breathing in his office.

Mona is devastated tonite.

After I spoke to Mona I contacted Kira of Intuitive Pet Care. I had to understand why he came in with such a blast & left in the same way.

“I feel his heart. He came into her life to help ground her through and help execute her project. He came in as the stability force she needed to lean on through everything. His gentle patient strength helped balance her impatient passionate emotional drive. He came in to help lay the FOUNDATION. He is a layer of DREAMS. He sealed the project and had to leave once it HIT ground. He WAS the ground before it actually could hold it’s own ground. He helped bring so much balance and heart into everything.

He doesn’t want her to feel like she’s alone in this; he is VERY MUCH still present and acting as her guardian angel now.
Because he won’t leave her side if he feels she needs him HERE.
He can better fulfill his guardianship from spirit now…”

RPM has recently secured a building that will become a temporary shelter & a small vet clinic to offset some of the costs to run their program. The board members spoke today after hearing of Hank’s passing. They plan on honoring him in a beautiful way. One of the puppy isolation rooms in the new building will soon have a plaque in his honor; called HANK’S HEART.

RIP You glorious angel. We pray for Mona’s healing & strength. And send condolences to her husband James & the rest of the family. Please help me lift up one of our sisters. It’s her turn to accept the TLC. XO

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