Puppies 911

Two years ago I told you the story of Julia, a rescuer who was pinned in between 2 cars while trying to save a mama dog & her puppies. That didn’t slow her down, in fact, since she healed she’s been hittin’ the rescue ground running with a vengeance here in Houston ever since. Right now she’s having the fight of her life.

Her group, The Love Molly Fund, rescued yet another mama dog & her 8 newborn puppies a little over a month ago. She named them Lady Bird & The Wildflowers.

Everyone was devastated to hear that all the puppies contracted parvo (The canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs.) Julia’s friends, fellow rescuers, & supporters have been watching & praying over the past week as the daily reports from the hospital come in..

First they lost Bonnie.

Then Dandy & Indigo.

Two days ago they said goodbye to Violet.

Then to Bane.

And Saffron.

Two more are now fighting for their lives & they need our help. Meet Thistle & Clover.

The vet hospital bills have exceeded $20,000 for their care & her nonprofit group has only raised about half of that. Let’s say a prayer for the brothers & donate whatever we can together.

“I am actually in a living nightmare. Behind Molly and my father, this is by far the 3rd worst day of my life. Yes. Worse than being hit by a car. At least there were drugs and sedation immediately after.” –Julia

Thank you. Link below:


A message from Clover last nite:

Bringing you these dog stories takes precious time and resources. It's important to me, and I'll do it no matter what. But your small donation — even $1 or $2 — goes a long way toward helping me maintain my website and continue to invest my time and energy into helping give voice to these animals who so desperately need one.

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