Walter’s Second Chance

Watch out, we’ve got a live one here! His name is Walter and a village came together for this guy to be presented to you.. Available for ADOPTION now!

His story is LONG..and you don’t have the TIME.. But suffice to say, sometimes a second chance in life is all you need..

He was adopted as a puppy by ADORE Houston Rescue to a family that didn’t have the capacity to appreciate the ENERGY of this Weimaraner/Pit Bull Terrier Mix guy.

Then he won the lottery and received a sponsored board and train regimen with Matt, THE TEXAS DOGFATHER, where I caught up with him to take these the foundation of a new building on their property..A NEW FOUNDATION for Walter to build from..

He LOVES other dogs and people. Check out the video below! (Children over 12 preferred due to his exuberance being a risk in knocking small kids over.)

He is a very SWEET and LOYAL hearted boy.

The perfect home for Walter would be one of LOVING STRUCTURE. Walter is at his best when there are clear and consistent rules to go by.

Any prospective adopters or fosters are encouraged to visit Walter at the ranch where they can see him one-on-one and socially in a group of other dogs. Adopters/fosters will receive hands-on instruction on how to parent Walter to keep him behaving at his best in any situation. They will deliver Walter to the adopter’s home and provide 2 hours of instruction on how to help Walter transition to that specific home and environment.

For more information or to fill out an adoption application, please visit Walter’s page here:

More Walter..

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