What Incredible Pet Parents Look Like

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of the coolest people over the last 5 years.

And they all have stories.

Meet Paula & Munchkie.

They first came in for portraits in 2011. And we had a blast.

Paula & Shawn own a real estate company. Their portraits were used to create fun greeting cards & ads that showed up in the most unexpected places.

One thing was clear. They loved animals. Especially Munchkie.

The next year we had fun creating images for holiday & birthday cards to send to their clients.

What we see as perfectly normal i.e. photos with our pets, I’m learning is quite extraordinary to many people.

Then I got to meet the rest of the family.

But the star of the show. Again.

Their dogs are their world.

Their children with 4 legs.

Adopted all of them. They know lives need saving & they do their part.

Magical happy living.

She came into their lives for very specific reasons.

Her mission was complete. Soon after this photoshoot.

Rest In Peace Munchkie.

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robyn arouty