“Beauty In The Least Likely Places”

robyn arouty yetty puppies How I met Yetty.

I walked out of the corner store near the studio & got stopped right in my tracks…

Christopher aka Yetty: “Hey, cool tatts ya got there.”

Me: “Thanks. I love your puppies!”

Christopher aka Yetty: “I found 7 down the way in a ditch the other day. Could only grab 3. Gave one away.”

Me: “I’ve got some collars & dog food in my car. Also my camera, since I just came from a photoshoot. You sure are a sight to behold, honey! Do you mind if I take your picture?”

Christopher aka Yetty: “Wow. I would love a collar for brown one if you have it. I don’t have a problem getting them food. And, sure, yeah, take our picture!”

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