Walter’s Second ChanceNovember 13, 2015

robyn arouty_MG_3905-EditWatch out, we’ve got a live one here! His name is Walter and a village came together for this guy to be presented to you.. Available for ADOPTION now!_MG_3880-Edit

His story is LONG..and you don’t have the TIME.. But suffice to say, sometimes a second chance in life is all you need..robyn arouty_MG_3955-Edit

He was adopted as a puppy by ADORE Houston Rescue to a family that didn’t have the capacity to appreciate the ENERGY of this Weimaraner/Pit Bull Terrier Mix guy.robyn arouty_MG_3893-Edit

Then he won the lottery and received a sponsored board and train regimen with Matt, THE TEXAS DOGFATHER, where I caught up with him to take these the foundation of a new building on their property..A NEW FOUNDATION for Walter to build from..robyn arouty_MG_3936-Edit

He LOVES other dogs and people. Check out the video below! (Children over 12 preferred due to his exuberance being a risk in knocking small kids over.)

He is a very SWEET and LOYAL hearted boy._MG_3899-Edit

The perfect home for Walter would be one of LOVING STRUCTURE. Walter is at his best when there are clear and consistent rules to go by._MG_3918

Any prospective adopters or fosters are encouraged to visit Walter at the ranch where they can see him one-on-one and socially in a group of other dogs. Adopters/fosters will receive hands-on instruction on how to parent Walter to keep him behaving at his best in any situation. They will deliver Walter to the adopter’s home and provide 2 hours of instruction on how to help Walter transition to that specific home and environment.

For more information or to fill out an adoption application, please visit Walter’s page here:

More Walter..


Homeless Dog Impersonates Jimmy Fallon Characters to Find His Forever HomeOctober 22, 2015

Homeless Dog Impersonates Jimmy Fallon Characters to Find His Forever Home

Are you a big fan of #hashtags? What about thank-you notes? If you love to laugh & be entertained, THISTLE might just be your new best friend!








THISTLE is 8 months old and is being fostered in Houston, TX. Travel can be arranged for the right family. He weighs approximately 45 pounds right now and will likely grow to about 60 pounds.  He is a Lab/Shepherd mix, neutered, and up to date on all vetting and vaccinations.

We love you @jimmyfallon !

Click here to learn more about THISTLE or to fill out an adoption application via The Love, Molly Fund organization.


Chapter Ten: White Flags & StuffSeptember 16, 2015

Chapter Ten: White Flags & Stuff

I suppose now is probably a good time to tell you that this is NOT your typical rescue story.. _MG_7647-Edit I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the stories we tell ourselves. The ones that make the Universe drive negative feelings & consequences into our lives. And how if there isn’t some kind of intervention to challenge those stories, they just become how we define ourselves. They are the catalysts for our decisions, the orchestrators of our relationships, and the voices in our heads that play over & over. Let me try to explain..

David’s Story:

For the last few years, David has been a witness to the abandonment of neglected and deceased dogs at a remote site just east of Houston where he often goes hiking with his great dane Noble. He has emailed rescue groups and public officials who work in the area, but has been unable to receive any assistance. The thought of doing anything about it on his own has been very overwhelming. He feels very guilty. Sad. Hopeless.

He called me on Sunday for help. But why now? Why did he make yet another attempt when he’s been seeing dogs come & go for over 3 years out there? What was the X-factor this time? I wasn’t sure, but it definitely made me curious & I agreed to help if he was willing to assist with the mission too. _MG_2925 robyn arouty_MG_2890 robyn arouty Most of Monday was spent setting up a great plan and strategy for the 2 dogs David had been seeing a few days in a row. One of them was injured. I contacted my friend Liz to discuss and she put me in touch with Paige who is a vet tech and the director of Foxtail Pet Rescue, who immediately agreed to take on these 2 dogs. In a matter of hours we had enough money raised for all their initial boarding and vetting, a place for them to go, & several new doggie admirers. BAM! Paige named them Reptar (tan dog) & Anjelica (white dog) after the Rugrats cartoon characters. 2 girls.

As you’ve probably figured out, David is the guy in the photo on my homepage & above. He’s gorgeous. Successful in his career. Strong and resilient kind of dude. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of months until he picked me up to retrieve the dogs together yesterday. He said he hadn’t been sleeping much & was not pleased with some of the choices he’s been making of late. It sounded like he’s going through a really rough patch in his life right now.

Our conversation on the ride over was mostly about what wasn’t going well in his life. It hurt me to hear this. I just listened & prayed for his healing quietly. I know David to normally be a very happy & positive person. Not only that, he was such a caring confidant during the time I really needed it not too long ago. He gave me excellent advice about my dogs and was brutally honest with me when not many people were. I appreciated this so much. _MG_2915 robyn arouty The one thing I knew for sure was that David is a total dog whisperer. I brought along all the usual rescue stuffs..slip leads, collars, treats, etc. I asked David the best way to approach this for when we arrived? He said, “Oh, I don’t need the leashes. I’ll get them to walk in the crates on their own.” _MG_2904 robyn arouty After I snorted, I said, “Yeah right! I’m serious, we’re gonna be there in a few minutes. You know these dogs. What’s the freakin’ plan??” He wasn’t joking. I said OK, & that I would listen for instructions & play photographer. LOL! _MG_2910 robyn arouty Well, sure as shit if they didn’t hear his car coming & run up from the dirty ditch to greet us. And then he proceeded to do exactly as promised. Dogs in crates on their own. Check! Whoa. Hells yes & I cried after he hinged the second crate! _MG_2942 robyn arouty With dogs now safe & in tow, our car conversation took on a totally different tone. David was so jazzed and grateful and concerned about the dogs. They looked really bad and he hoped they’d be ok. _MG_2951 robyn arouty He was now out of his own head. He had taken significant action, & was giving of himself. There was power where none was before. That’s quite the change from feeling guilty, sad, & hopeless, wouldn’t you agree? We didn’t solve all of David’s problems yesterday. We saved the lives of 2 innocent dogs. When I got out of the car to say goodbye, his face looked years younger and it was positively full of joy. And I told him so. _MG_2960 robyn arouty _MG_2962 robyn arouty We just CANNOT see this stuff in ourselves. Ok, so I may have lovingly pointed a few things out to him just before I got out of the car. Someone else might have had a problem with that. He thanked me. IMG_2976 robyn arouty Then I told him that I believe the way to find our purpose is through our talents and passion. Everything else just falls into place. David’s talent is training dogs. He understands them in very unique and intimate ways. Now it’s time to do the soul work. Being of service is the best way to do it. It gets you back on the right path..the one you were meant to be on in this lifetime. Building on the success of this mission is a great place for him to start writing his next new chapter. IMG_3004 robyn arouty Oh wait. The dogs. The ones who came into David’s life to inspire him. (And others. But that’s a different blog post & this one is already a quarter of a novel.) They are now at North Durham Animal Hospital. Report from the awesome Dr. Dawson below.. reptar xray 33254921_1902947467_n Reptar: Snapped, broken right femur, Upper respiratory infectionEmaciated, Entropion, Heart murmur, Heartworm negative

Per Paige, “And Robyn, it’s the worst case we’ve seen all year..” _MG_2934 robyn arouty_MG_2918 robyn arouty Anjelica: Respiratory infection, Heartworm negative

Surgery for Reptar’s leg & eyes is tomorrow. If you would like to donate towards this, please do so via Click on “Send Money” & add Foxtail’s email address: Your donations are tax deductible. All funds above & beyond what is needed for the treatment, surgery, etc. for Reptar & Anjelica will be used towards care of other animals in the Foxtail Pet Rescue program. Thank you so much! These human & canine stories are definitely.. To Be Continued..



“All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.” —Charles M. Schulz

Reptar video showing injury:

Chapter Nine: Being BraveJuly 29, 2015

be braveI’m almost 2 hours into my 3rd gallbladder attack since Saturday. The doc told me today that we need to get bloodwork & an ultrasound ASAP & in the next breath said she’s fairly certain the gallbladder needs to come out. Joy. Sent me off with a look of pity & instruction to stay away from fatty foods. (And if you’re a client reading this, just know there are some sick days in my very near future, starting now.)

So, it’s like a kidney stone attack (I’ve had 5) but in a different spot. It lasts a few hours and then subsides and you can get some sleep. It’s so fucking painful..makes you cry & throw up & you can’t get comfortable & you cuss a lot. Horribly unpleasant would be putting it mildly.

I was just having a conversation with a friend yesterday about fear. She’s one of the strongest people I know, but with this particular happening in her life, she was frozen in fear. Tonite I’m the one who’s scared. Scared about surgery. Freaking that this thing will burst when I’m home alone. Petrified to eat & have another episode.

In the midst of my cries, I heard, “Follow your own advice.” These are the things I told my friend:

1. It’s new territory. How cool is that? Keep moving, keep walking, keep learning.

2. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. The Universe has blessed you with a built in lesson to build your character.

3. Do not spend time & energy on what is not within your control. It’s wasteful & has never worked to change a damn thing.

4. Asking yourself “Why?” is of no benefit. The reason doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with the moment.

5. Yes, it hurts so bad. Stay there for a little while. It’s a part of being human.

6. Courage isn’t picky. The same fortitude it takes to win a rugby game is the same you can use to get through a broken relationship.

7. Be still. Listen. Your team of guides up there will know what to do.

8. Be grateful for the crap stuff in life & the mistakes & the failures because it’s building you up to be the person you were meant to be in this world.

9. You haven’t changed. Only your perception of yourself at this moment has. You are still a badass. The guilt & shit talk is making you more scared. Quit it. File those thoughts away to make room for the ones that will pull you out of this thing in a healthy way.

10. There was probably more, but I can’t remember right now & only having 9 things would be too weird.

The episode has ended finally. Wish me luck in the days to come. Yes, my advice helped.



Chapter Eight: Using My Words.July 23, 2015

Chapter Eight: Using My Words.graymalin

I got distracted.
In your thoughts of me.
At some point they became more important than any of mine.
I took the advice too literally.
They said, “Be nice. To Everyone.”
But they forgot to tell me about the quicksand.
And the ones who had agendas.
And the lies.
And the compliments.
And the confusion, because I never had an agenda of my own.

I gave too much.
Because I had enough.
I put others first.
Because I never saw myself as worthy.
I lived vicariously.
Because my life wasn’t as important. I thought.
I let others choose.
Because I missed the lesson about confidence.

Then one day the distracting dust cleared.
And I saw my gifts.
And I learned about the shades of gray.
Like being nice. It’s not an absolute.
And there are shitty people. Of which I am not.
I can make the decisions.
Choose to not step in the quicksand.
Appreciate the compliments but owe nothing.

I have an agenda.
Not based on fear.
Your opinions of me are yours.
And that is where that ends.
My obligations aren’t based on your expectations.
They are whispered to me.
And now I listen.
Loud and clear.



(Photo by Gray Malin)