Mixed Media

A combined image of your pet(s) head-shot photo on a unique, enhanced section of one of Robyn’s original fine art pieces.

Here’s the gist:

  1. These sessions are 30 minutes in length and are booked in a Pocketshots (Mini-Session) slot, no special session required.

  2. Following the session we will:

    • schedule a virtual viewing session where you will pick the head-shot(s) you love from the session*

    • choose a Mixed Media canvas size (multiple pets or multiple head-shots from the same pet on the same canvas will require canvases starting at 16”x 20” in size)

    • collaborate on the style and color of the background art

    • finalize the selection(s) based on a maximum of 3 mock-ups provided a few weeks after the virtual viewing session

    *Additional non-mixed media related photos from the Pocketshots session will be available for purchase as well and will be selected in the same virtual viewing session.

Calling all previous RA clients with pet headshots…

Need a new art piece for above the mantel? If you are a previous client that already had pet head-shots taken, and would like to combine it with Robyn’s fine art, contact us for more details.