“My story is very unique. I’ve blocked out a lot of my early memories, but they say I was left to die in an area in Crosby, TX known for dumping dogs that were used as bait for fighting rings. I was very skinny with wounds and scars when they found me. That was 7 years ago.

A nice lady paid for me to stay at Paws Pet Resort in boarding while they nursed me back to health. I used to have heartworms, but I don’t anymore. I’m really healthy now. I am loved and have become the mascot here. People come to visit me all the time and bring my favorite thing — fluffy squeaky toys!

I love it here, but it’s time to go. I would like to live out the rest of my years in a real home. I don’t like cats, which is why Jamie, Paws’ owner hasn’t taken me home all this time. I’m picky about other dogs, so it’s probably best if you are dogless.

I’m a super happy guy. I know all my basic commands. I love all people and kids. I could really bring a lot of joy to your life if you give me a chance. Please direct all inquiries for adoption to Jamie Cupps: pawspetresort@yahoo.com. Thank you for your consideration & please share my story.” —RHETT


Big Thanks to Jamie C. for sponsoring his photoshoot!