How It Works..
1. Dog comes into BARC Houston’s city animal shelter with some sort of trauma to her eyes. She cannot see at all.
2. An animal welfare organization called Friends of BARC and Paws Pet Resort raise money for her surgery. They name her Tessa.
3. She has eye surgery and is fostered by doggie daycare employee from Paws, then returns to Paws where she has been living for a couple of months.
4. EVERYONE who meets her falls in love. But they all have too many dogs at home already. Including me.
5. A client of PAWS sponsors a photoshoot today for Tessa today and transports her to the studio.
6. She is about 4 years old, blind, sweet as sweet gets, loves to cuddle, & is great with other dogs.
7. If you think your home may be perfect for her, please contact Jamie Cupps at 713.636.9715.