Client testimonials

Robyn has the bravest, strongest, and biggest heart I know. When it comes to things most people would turn away from because it was too hard to watch, Robyn faces it, and then documents it in the most beautiful way.

If you are looking for pet photos, family photos, or corporate head shots think out side of the box and go with Robyn. IF you can’t think outside of the box, she’ll take care of that for you too. She’s amazing. Don’t settle for your average, predictable photog - go with Robyn and you may just end up seeing yourself in a new and exciting way. Love her!

What an amazing shoot! Robyn was professional, patient and passionate. Can’t wait to get our photos!

Amazing photography and a beautiful heart!

I had the wonderful opportunity to intern with Robyn. Her passion for what she does is tremendous. She is an extremely hard worker and strives to make every one of her clients’ experiences the best. I admire her dedication and work ethic. ❤

Just amazing. I’ve never seen a photographer that can capture an entire story the way Robyn does. You can feel her photos. The best.

Want some fun, amazing photos of you with your fur babies? Robyn is your gal!


Ecstatic and blessed she captured the essence of our family with our baby!

As an amateur photographer myself, Robyn’s work is my inspiration! Her work is superb and you would be lucky to have her take your photos!

Once I saw Robyn’s work I knew that I had to have her do my photography. And after my experience with her, I can tell you that my intuition and awareness of talent was right on. She was professional, INCREDIBLY PATIENT, with me and the final outcome is far better than anything I could even imagine. Thanks, Robyn. You completely rock in every single way. I am incredibly grateful for you.

Where do I start? Anxiety about taking new headshots for my business vanished when Robyn stepped on stage. She knows what she is after and worked with me to make it happen. I was at ease with her after just a few minutes and am grateful for her tenacity and her fun sense of humor. Highly recommend!

I can’t say enough about Robyn. She’s an amazing woman. She has a fascinating ability to create a platform for the four legged creatures we love and care about so much. She’s an incredible advocate to those without a voice. I admire your talent and the way in which you use it, Robyn Arouty. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do!!

Awesome. That’s all.

Love Robyn’s photos. They make me smile...they melt my heart....they make me cry. She is very talented and I love her loyalty to all animals. Her photos capture the pain, hope, and love in each of their souls.

Truly a gem in Houston.


Robyn makes everyone look like a celebrity. She can bring out your personality and probably tame a lion while making great art in a flash. What a fun, talented pro.

Robyn’s work is sad and beautiful all at the same time. I don’t know whether to smile or cry?!

Remember that “Friends” episode when Chandler tries to get engagement photos taken with Monica and every time the camera is on him he can’t help but make the weirdest faces — yeah that’s me (and apparently my dog, too). That said I’ve worked with Robyn twice now and she manages to get amazing shots of all living creatures two legged or four legged despite all of their perceived hang-ups and uncontrollable facial contortions. I like watching Robyn work because you just see her creative juices flowing and you have to just hold on and go with the ride and in the end the pictures will speak for themselves.

Robyn tells stories through dogs’ eyes.

We don’t accidentally sign up for Pocketshots. I think we’ve all sought Robyn out because she can pinpoint and capture our relationships with these supreme beings. She’s the love-story whisperer.

I am simply amazed at Robyn’s talent. Watching her work was such a joy to me — her love for animals and people matches her huge personality. She sees in the camera exactly what is there and than manages to capture that moment! She does not stop until that happens. Perfection in action!

Seriously amazing woman... My dogs love her and she knows EXACTLY what to do. ❤❤

The BEST! She captured my 5 pack and I am forever grateful! XO

Robyn is amazing!! She captures people and animals in photos that show their souls!!

Robyn is amazing! Patience of a saint with my crazy pup....AND got the shots! Can’t wait to work with her again in the future.

A review of Robyn’s photos really isn’t necessary since her beautiful work speaks for itself. But after spending the evening with her I have to say “book your photo session today!” Not only will you receive an awesome family portrait, but you will have a great time doing it. Robyn is patient, easy-going, witty and wonderfully talented. Book it up, you’ll be so glad you did!

No doubt she’s the best at what she does and as a human, too! So much fun working with her and the end product is always fabulous. Reminds me, I need an updated session soon!

Incredible. Awesome. Hilarious. 10 stars!

I don’t know if there are any words to really describe Robyn...she is just simply AMAZING! I have had the privilege of being in front of her camera on more than one occasion and I’m always blown away with what she is able to capture. She really “gets” me and my crazy ideas. My beloved baby fell ill recently and Robyn made it a priority to get to our house to take some photos of her and our family that we will be able to treasure always. That’s a testament to Robyn’s big ole heart! She’s also super creative and just has an eye for what she does. I think everyone that runs across her work falls in love with it. You would be crazy to not let Robyn do your next photo shoot, whether it’s with your furry babies or just a boring old corporate photo shoot. Robyn makes everything better! XXXOOO

The Best. The Best. The Best!!!

No one takes better pictures than Robyn!!! I fell in love with her pictures at first sight, got mine done, and I LOVE them. She is absolutely a ball to work with, a great person in general, and her pictures simply speak for themselves! You will never regret a photo by Robyn!