Robyn Arouty
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“When you look into their eyes, you should see them staring back at you, with all the love and devotion you saw for years, long after they leave this earth.” ~ Robyn Arouty

 “From the moment my dogs and I entered Robyn's studio we felt right at home.  Stacy and Robyn are the type of people you feel like you've known your whole life.  They loved my dogs just like I do and my dogs were so comfortable around them.  It was a memorable experience since my 15 year old Bree passed away about a month after the shoot.  She had SO much fun that day and I have never seen her face light up like it did.  I'm forever grateful for the pictures and look at them often to remind me of the love that my Bree and I had for each other. Robyn captured that pure LOVE which is something that is priceless since Bree is no longer here on Earth with me.  If you're on the fence about getting your pet's portraits - DO IT NOW.  Choosing Robyn is something that you will never regret!” ~ Miranda (client)


Portrait Sessions

Your session experience will last from 1-2 hours, just long enough to capture the magic!

“Remember that Friends episode when Chandler tries to get engagement photos taken with Monica and every time the camera is on him he can’t help but make the weirdest faces — yeah that’s me (and apparently my dog, too). I’ve worked with Robyn twice now and she manages to get amazing shots of all living creatures two legged or four legged despite all of their perceived hang-ups and uncontrollable facial contortions.”

“Robyn has the bravest, strongest, and biggest heart I know. When it comes to things most people would turn away from because it was too hard to watch, Robyn faces it, and then documents it in the most beautiful way.”

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