Robyn Arouty
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Fun, quick pet-portrait sessions that were born out of a desire to make Robyn’s dog photography accessible and affordable while also giving back to the rescue community. To date more than $75,000 has been donated to animal rescue charities from Pocketshots sessions.


“We don’t accidentally sign up for Pocketshots. I think we’ve all sought Robyn out because she can pinpoint and capture our relationships with these supreme beings. She’s the love-story whisperer.”

Dogs, people, & stories.

Hi, I’m Robyn. I’m a photographer and I love dogs. I love my dogs. I love your dogs. I love crusty lonely dogs on the street. I love big fluffy fancy dogs. In fact, one of my superpowers is being able to work in the subject of dogs to any conversation with anyone. Read more.

“Robyn has the bravest, strongest, and biggest heart I know. When it comes to things most people would turn away from because it was too hard to watch, Robyn faces it, and then documents it in the most beautiful way.”

Portrait Sessions

Longer, more intimate sessions that run about 90 minutes in length. This is where the really fun stuff happens.


“Remember that Friends episode when Chandler tries to get engagement photos taken with Monica and every time the camera is on him he can’t help but make the weirdest faces — yeah that’s me (and apparently my dog, too). I’ve worked with Robyn twice now and she manages to get amazing shots of all living creatures two legged or four legged despite all of their perceived hang-ups and uncontrollable facial contortions.”

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