HFD Rescues Tiny Maltipoo Dog Trapped 48 Hours

Was sitting at iHop this morning, waiting for my friend Teresa from Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue who was running a little late, when she called to say she got caught on the phone trying to find a foundation or excavation team to come out to Memorial where a little 9 pound maltipoo dog was stuck under a house since Friday.

After she arrived, she said that Adele of Houston Miniature Schnauzer Rescue had got in contact with Captain Langston from the Houston Fire Department Technical Rescue & they were on their way to the house with a team. So we headed that way too..

Wow, those guys totally kicked ass! It took several dog lovers contacting each other through social media to make this all happen. It was cold & this dog is tiny. There was no heavy equipment; it was all done by hand. And did I mention that the homeowners whose sun porch was being torn up were out of town?

The home is on a hill & there was an intricate concrete & beam structure below which created a maze of sorts. They had no idea how the dog got under there or where he was exactly, but they heard his cries.

They removed parts of the deck as needed.

They used a snake with a camera on the end of it to look for Onyx.

Channel 2 News was there to capture it all.

There were plumbers there digging from the other side of the house also.

They kept bringing in containers to haul off all the dirt & leaves they dug out from under the house. Then he said the cries were getting louder.

It was like watching a live birth, I swear.. There was Onyx! And he handed him up to the rescuer above!

Mama was thrilled & they ran him directly over to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists.

Last report is he was back home with only some eye irritation from the dirt. Great job everyone!

robyn arouty-

Update:  Video of the rescue courtesy of Teresa below!

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robyn arouty