We all have a story. This is Kellan’s.

Houston’s got a dirty little secret. 1.2 million homeless animals live in our city. You’re about to meet one who no longer calls the streets home.

On November 12th, volunteers for a rescue group were out feeding homeless dogs when she approached them. Clearly abused, neglected, & abandoned…& needed help immediately. A plea went out with these heartbreaking photos on facebook in hopes they could find a foster home.

Shawna told me that she called them right away without even thinking. “I was horrified. My heart sank and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be the help she needed. The night I took her home I sat on the floor and just cried with her.” A few days later, the group decided to find another foster with no pets. They weren’t sure yet if Kellan had been involved in dog fighting or used as a bait dog so they decided to proceed with caution and not put Shawna’s small pets in danger.

My good friend Michael was recently separated from a 17 year relationship & living alone. The day the plea for a new foster went out he said to me, “She needs me. And I need her.”

I got the idea to do a BEFORE photoshoot with Michael & Kellan the day after he brought her home. I “saw” the befores & afters in my mind & it just had to be. Special thanks to Sally Wheat, interior designer extraordinaire, for loving the idea of putting them in a swanky setting too & loaned us her amazing home literally, on a moment’s notice. She was instantly smitten with Kellan & gave us full run of the house.

“Fostering literally saves lives. She is a perfect example of that. I hope it reaches someone who has thought about fostering a dog but hasn’t committed to it yet.” –Alicia

Michael & Kellan. Soon a force to be reckoned with. I enjoyed visiting them often & reported her fab progress along the way.

She finally gained enough weight to be spayed & we made plans for the AFTER photos so we could list her for adoption. By now, Michael & John had reconciled & that meant they were going back to live in their home with two chihuahuas. I was a worried mess! Would she want to eat their little dogs? How did John feel about this? And Michael told me it would all be fine. And it was.

Shawna was with us on the photoshoot at their house. It was bittersweet. “Kellan is truly a special dog. I have never seen a dog full of so much grace and kindness. I hope that her forever family understands the enormity of Kellan’s life, what her story means for all of us involved in her journey and how special they are for choosing the most amazing dog. It will have to be a family worthy of such greatness and who understands that more than them “saving” Kellan, I believe she will be saving them. She has so far with every life she has touched.” –Shawna

Of course she adores her current family. She adores everyone. Michael is a man of his word. He loves Kellan & committed to nursing her back to health to prepare her for her new life. She is now available for adoption.

She is an amazing angel. I just don’t know how to tell you…

“Well, my work is done here now and I’m tired. Bringing Michael and John back together was my first trick. I’m ready for more!” Love, Kellan



7/22/14 UPDATE:  Kellan has been adopted by a wonderful family! She is currently living the life in Pennsylvania! Here she is riding home from the airport. :)

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